Förkylnings tider Mullbärste Te med ginseng


Mullbärste med ginseng och kanel 1 x 15 tepåsar 17,5 gram


History and origin

The ginseng plant was first found in the mountains of Manchuria, China. Based on 2,000 years old records, the herb was consumed for several health reasons. Since the root of the plant resembles a human form, the name of the plant was derived from a Chinese word “renshen”, meaning “man root”. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the herbal decoction was believed to have a warming effect on the body. Americans found another species of the herb near the city of Montreal, which had the same medicinal benefits.Ginseng tea health benefits: What is it good for .Natural appetite suppressant: Regular intake of this herbal tea speeds up metabolism by burning excess body fat, thereby helping in weight control.Prevents cancer: Since it is a rich source of antioxidants, the herbal beverage can reduce the risk of cancer.Increases energy levels: Having this herbal decoction is effective in boosting energy levels. In the past, elderly people in North China consumed the tea during winter for improving their physical stamina.Anti-aging properties: Antioxidants in the herb prevent the formation of free radicals that causes premature skin aging.