Info Sach Inchi Omega in English

What is Sachainchi oil? Why is oil good? Because there is a component Omega-3 Is an unsaturated fatty acid, which Omega 3 is found in only some fish species, such as mackerel, anchovy, tuna and salmon, or found in vegetables such as beans, stars, Incas And the important thing is that the body of our people cannot be created by ourselves. Must be obtained from food and supplements only
 What is Omega-3? Omega-3 Omega-3 is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that contains DHA and EFA. It has reliable research that this person has the following characteristics:.


Helps reduce triglycerides in the blood, triglycerides This one is a bad fat. If there is a lot of accumulation, it may be possible to fight the disease, such as high blood lipids or blood vessels and heart, etc.The consumption of vegetable oil in the Inca star is very useful for people who are not yet infected. Eat to reduce fat, prevent other complications that are caused by high blood cholesterol. Know this and take care of your health. Keep it better than solve.
 Properties and Benefits of Dao Inca Beans (SachaInchi) Omega 3,6,9


Reduce the risk of heart disease. 

Prevent cardiac arrhythmias 

Helps reduce cholesterol levels 

help reduce pressure 

Prevent blood clotting 

Reduce the accumulation of fat in the vessel wall. 

Promote the development of the retina of 

Develop the brain system 

Prevent Alzheimer’s disease 

prevent Parkinson’s disease 

Help maintain bipolar disorder 

Reduce risk and prevent paralysis, paralysis


Reduce breast cancer risk 

Reduce bowel cancer risk

bones and joints 

help control inflammation, pain, swelling, joint pain, rheumatoid 

Relieve rheumatoid arthritis Promote the endocrine function to function normally

Absorption and digestion system Helps relieve inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. Enhances the function of the food absorpti 

Helps maintain glucose balance. 

control diabetes Stimulates metab 

reduce blood viscosity Causes blood to circulate to various parts of the body 

Helps control triglycerides in the blood 

Increase HDL (good fat) 

Reduce LDL (bad fat) 

Relieve allergy symptoms 


Promote the performance of the retina in the eye to be effective 

Adjust the retinal pressure.

Skin and hair 

nourish the skin and hair Reduce wrinkles and dark spots 

Prevent the loss of moisture from the skin.